South Routt School District RE-3 Home Page
November 2017
Dear South Routt Elementary Family,
            With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is time for the elementary to send home First Trimester report cards.  Look for these to come home on November 21.  Remember, we will be grading our students on grade level expectations, and therefore your student’s grade might not be as high as you are expecting.  Hopefully you came to parent-teacher conferences (more than 90% of you did!) and any real concerns were addressed at this time.  A “3” on a report card indicates that a student has reached the grade level expectations for his or her grade level.  A “1” or a “2” should not be cause for concern unless it was shared with you at conferences.
            A big shout out to the Soroco PTO for this year’s Halloween Carnival.  The event was a smashing success, and was attended by more than 250 people.  Everyone had fun, and the event raised money to fund various school projects for students.
Veteran’s Day, November 11, falls on a Saturday this year.  We will honor our local veterans with another outstanding performance by your students, directed by our new music director, Ms. Allison Nees, on Thursday, November 9, at 10:00 AM.  We are honored to have the opportunity to show our respect to those who have served to keep our country free.  We hope you can attend, please note the later start time.
We have a rather bad strain of both the stomach flu AND strep throat running through our population.  As a reminder, if your child is running a fever (without Tylenol or ibuprofen), please keep them home until they have been fever-free for 24-hours.  We at the school are taking extra measures with sanitation to ensure we end this as soon as possible.
Our Annual White Elephant Sale is coming soon!  Please see the next page for more information on this fun event.
I read an interesting article over the weekend that I will share via the website and thought I would summarize here.  It was an examination of the importance of parent involvement in school, and just what qualified as most effective at increasing student achievement.  Primarily, the most important factor in parent involvement at school is the parent’s expectations for their children.  Those parents who maintained high expectations for their children (“This is great work, I can’t wait to see your next project using all that you learned from this one!”) influenced their student’s academic achievement the most of any type of involvement.  The least effective?  Harping on your children about their homework, e.g., reminding them more than once, etc., was actually counterproductive, and caused students to be less likely to do the homework at all, while having little to no effect on their academic achievement. 
Thanksgiving is coming soon.  Our last day of school before break will be Tuesday, November 21.  It will be a normal, full day of school.  Our break will include the 22nd-24th, as well as the weekend.  It is not the full week, as it was in the recent past.
                                                                        Randell B. Foster

Coming soon……….
Another year is coming to a close, and we will be hosting our annual White Elephant Sale in December.  The sale will be open during school hours from December 18th to the 21st.
We are now accepting donated items along the lines of:  coffee cups, knickknacks, toys, jewelry; puzzles, stuffed animals, baskets, men/boy type gifts.   No clothing or VHS movies please.
The spirit of this gift sale is not only fun for the kids, it is educational for them as well.  We strongly believe that this event helps students with skills such as shopping, money budgeting, and money handling.  
We are all looking forward to the sale, and our last week of school in the year 2017!
If you should have any questions, please feel free to call Tracy Viele at 870-2612.
Thank you!