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Health and Wellness Updates 2017-2018

Why do we need a Local Wellness Policy?á
Each local educational agency that participates in the National School Lunch Program or other federal Child Nutrition programs is required by federal law to establish a local school wellness policy for all schools under its jurisdiction.áLocal wellness policies are an important tool for parents, local educational agencies (LEAs) and school districts in promoting student wellness, preventing and reducing childhood obesity, and providing assurance that school meal nutrition guidelines meet the minimum federal school meal standards.

The South Routt and Hayden School Districts received a Healthy Schools Successful Students grant in 2013 to support the implementation of Coordinated School Health, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strategy for improving the health of students, staff, families and communities. áStudies show that people who eat well, are active, feel empowered to make decisions, get an adequate amount of sleep each night and are valued by those around them are poised to succeed. áBy creating healthier school environments, we are helping students achieve in the classroom. áTo learn more about the link between health and learning, view a short video created by the Colorado Legacy Foundation by clicking on the image below.
In 2013, ASCD and the CDC convened leaders from the fields of health, public health, education, and school health to develop the next evolution of school health to ensure that the health of the student, the teacher, and the school are taken seriously by educators and, in particular, by those involved in the school improvement process. The result is the 2014 launch of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model.

The District formed aáDistrict Health Advisory Councilácalled the SoutháRouttáHealth Roundtable. áThis groupáfacilitates collaboration between the District and stakeholders on issues that impact the health and the future success of students, families and the community.á A team approach is used to examine research-based evidence linking health and learning; utilize data to guide recommendations for programmatic and policy changes; leverage resources to help fund efforts; and create a flow of information between the District, community partners, School Board and parents.ááThis group meets monthly on theá2ndáTuesday of the month in the administrative building board room. áClick hereáto visit the SoutháRouttáHealth Roundtable website.á

We are looking to create School Health Teams in all schools for the 2016-2017 school year to work on school level projects. áWe need parent and staff leaders to make that happen. áIf interested, please reach out to Kristi Brown or your principal. áá

TheáSOROCOáSchool District will be planning, implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of the health and wellness activities taking place throughout the grant duration of 2013-2018. áIf you have any questions about SOROCO School District's health and wellness activities, please contact the Health & Wellness Coordinator, Kristi Brown

Healthy Kids Colorado Survey data is collected every other year on students in grades 6-12. áTake a look at the data from the fall of 2015, in comparison with our region, state and ourselves over time. áThis data will be used to guide decisions around interventions and programming throughout the district.

Parent Resources:
  • Take a look at this series of "Ready to Learn" video workshops on topics ranging from brain development and anger management to the importance of music and literacy building techniques. á

Staff Resources:
  • Staff can join the Old Town Hot Springs (OTHS) at the group rate.
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  • See OTHS prices.
  • Staff can participate in our Staff Wellness Days annually.

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