South Routt School District RE-3 Home Page
South Routt School District RE-3 is excited to welcome our new Superintendent......Darci Mohr.  We look forward to an educational and fun-filled new school year!!!
South Routt School District RE-3 Faculty & Staff

- High School/Middle School

6th Grade English & Social Studies
Phone: 4025
HS Math Teacher, Dean of Students
Phone: 4117
Middle School English Lit. Teacher
Phone: 4215
High School Mathematics
Phone: 4106
High School Business, Cabinetry
Phone: 4118
High School English
Phone: 4110
6th Grade Math & Science
Phone: 4216
Online Learning Coordinator/Library
Phone: 4019
Secondary Counselor
Phone: 4005
Middle School Secretary
Phone: 4011
Secondary Physical Education/Health
Phone: 4134
High School Social Studies
Phone: 4108
Secondary Spanish
Phone: 4116
Middle School Science
Phone: 4206
Middle/High School Principal
Phone: 4004
7th, 8th Grade Math
Phone: 4210
7th, 8th Grade Social Studies
Phone: 4220
High School Science
Phone: 4112
Media Specialist/Librarian
Phone: 4107
High School Office Manager
Phone: 4003
High School Vo-Ag
Phone: 4017

- Elementary School

3rd Grade Teacher
Phone: 5014
Kindergarten Teacher
Phone: 11/17/51
5th Grade Teacher
Phone: 5018
Elementary Principal
Phone: 5001
1st Grade Teacher
Phone: 5027
Elementary Secretary
Phone: 5000
Elementary Librarian/Para
Phone: 5025
Kindergarten Teacher
Phone: 5011
Elementary Para
Phone: 5029
2nd Grade Teacher
Phone: 5022
Elementary Art Teacher
Phone: 5032
Elementary PE Teacher
Phone: 5009
1st Grade Teacher
Phone: 5010

- Administration Office

- Spec. Ed./Resource/Gifted & Talented

High School Resource Para
Phone: 4022
Secondary Resource Para
Phone: 4022
Elementary Resource Para
Phone: 5028
High School Resource Para
Phone: 4006
Secondary Special Ed Coordinator
Phone: 4014
Elementary Resource Para
Phone: 5038
Elementary Title 1
Phone: 5003
Literacy Coach/Gifted and Talented Coordinator
Phone: 5030
Elementary Special Ed
Phone: 5023

- Transportation Dept.

Transportation Director/Maintenance
Phone: 5040

- Maintenance Dept.

Elementary Custodian
Phone: 5008
Director of Maintenence and Operations
Phone: 4020

- Health Services

- Sports

Secondary Physical Education/Health
Phone: 4134
6th Grade Math & Science
Phone: 4216
Elementary Custodian
Phone: 5008
HS Head Volleyball Coach

- South Routt Early Learning Center

SREC Director
Phone: 638-1065

Health and Wellness Coordinator